Top 10 Graduation Gift Ideas

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A college or high school graduation is a very important event for everyone involved: the graduate and his or her family and friends. How are you going to commemorate the event for your graduate? A graduation gift is just as important as the graduation event itself, because it represents much of how the graduate will remember the day.

A good graduation gift is something that is both practical and relevant to the graduate’s future. Pragmatism is key when giving a graduation gift so that it does not eventually disappear into the dark abyss of a basement or closet. Furthermore, choosing something relevant to a career or academics makes the item appropriate as a graduation gift.

Some things that are common graduation gifts are really horrible and should be avoided. Items that fall under the “stay away” category include iPods, cars, gift cards, cellphones, and laptops. I’m sure these flashy and expensive items will delight the recipient for the moment, but they will be quickly discarded and forgotten.

The following is a list of excellent graduation gifts that will remain as memorable objects for a lifetime. Please note that these gifts are not in any particular order.

  1. Personalized desk box
  2. Briefcase
  3. Religious or self-help books that improve your well-being
  4. Engraved jewelry
  5. Furniture
  6. Personalized photo frame
  7. Leather-bound personal planner
  8. Ticket to a vacation or a cruise
  9. Web hosting plan pre-paid for a year
  10. Personalized paperweight

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